Asked what he'll do between Thursday's end of mini-camp and the full-pads frenzy of training camp five weeks from now,Joe Flacco Jersey Grant said ''My plans are to continue to grind it out. You've got to come back to camp with a full head of steam and just looking to take someone's job. Just because I'm young doesn't mean anything." Just because the Dolphins finished 6-10 last year isn't supposed to mean anything,Jameis Winston Jersey either. Gase, a rookie head coach, is trying to reset the whole program and refresh it with confidence.Jadeveon Clowney Jersey That starts with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who five years into his NFL career still searches for the right balance of cool leadership and raging, fourth-quarter fire. A little bit of Grant in the training-camp huddle,Brandon Marshall Jersey all joyful and jabbering, might be just what Tannehill needs. ''I'm matched up with safeties that aren't used to my speed," said Grant,Ndamukong Suh Jersey who supposedly was hand-timed at 4.12 seconds for 40 yards by a New Orleans Saints scout, the quickest NFL time ever if it counted. ''I already have that threat like 'Oh my god,Andrew Luck Jersey this guy is fast, I can't let him beat me deep.' That's already having them on their heels and having them scared that I'm going deep, but most of the time I'm not even going deep.Stefon Diggs Jersey ''I go back to Tannehill and say, 'Hey, man, he's scared of me.Emmanuel Sanders Jersey Give me the ball now and let me make something happen.' '' It's all just talk now, minus pads and hitting, minus proof.Brian Hoyer Jersey There needs to be a fan favorite every summer, though, with flashy plays to make the second half of preseason games worth watching. Wait until fans are allowed to watch practice in August.Sean Davis Jersey They'll have their man right quick, the tiny blur wearing Ted Ginn's old No. 19. It's fun watching Grant go. Ginn also flew, but too often out of bounds.